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The Best Photo-Ops Around Lake Guntersville

We know when you go on vacation that you want the perfect pictures to share with your friends and family. Well lucky for you, the Lake Guntersville area has quite a few that are perfect for selfies, landscape stunners and unique odysseys. We’re breaking down a few places in our towns that you must stop by for the perfect photo opportunity when you are here to #explorelakeguntersville.


While Lake Guntersville itself is a picture worthy lake, we have many places in town and around that are worth grabbing a photo over. The first stop should be at the ‘Welcome to Guntersville’ mural at Lakeview Eye Care. This mural is perfect to grab a selfie as the bass fish is the perfect way to greet everyone at one of the world’s top bass lakes. After that, head over to Lake Guntersville State Park. There you will find tons of wildlife including deer, bald eagles and otters that are all ready for their close up. Head to the lodge to get stunning bluff views of the lake. You can see for miles and miles off the lodge’s balcony making it the perfect backdrop for any photo occasion. For the perfect sunset photo, head over to the walking trail on Sunset Drive. There will be waiting the perfect sunset photo-op for all of those ready to snap a picture.


Head over to Albertville for some more picturesque landscapes. First, is Jules J. Berta Vineyards and Winery. The stunning grape vines offer unique shots. They are perfect for landscapes, friend photos and definitely sunset shots as well. While you are there, enjoy their award-winning wines, and their wood-fired pizza that is to die for as well! After that, head over to Downtown Albertville their charming shops. There, you will find a ‘Welcome to Albertville’ mural that shows off some of the things that make up this great town. After that, head over to photograph the 4-millionth fire hydrant near the Albertville Chamber of Commerce! You will learn why that is there, and then you will catch yourself looking at fire hydrants every where and grabbing their pictures as well.


Arab, Alabama is a town that must be on your bucket list for all photos. The downtown is picturesque itself, with a beautiful ‘Welcome to Arab’ mural painted in their downtown. However, it is their Arab Historic Village that you must see to step back in time for black and white photo-ops. The Village is a depression-era town set up within the Arab City Park. It has over 10 buildings that have been preserved with authentic décor and furnishings. The Village has events planned throughout the year that make it perfect to capture year round. One of the best times would be Christmastime. The Village is decorated in all things Christmas. There are obviously lights galore. However, on Fridays and Saturdays, you can grab a photo with Santa. You can also snap the blacksmiths making horseshoes at Phillips’ Blacksmith Shop.


The small town of Boaz is home to gorgeous murals all unique and rich for photos. And the best part is that they are all close to each other that you can walk to them all. On one side, you can see the Welcome to Boaz mural alongside the Veterans of Boaz. The Veterans of Boaz honors those locals who served in wars throughout the years. Names of those are listed under the respective branch of military. Other murals honor the history of the town. The From Wagons to Progress mural shows the advancement of transportation from horse and buggy to trains to modern vehicles. One that is perfect for your Instagram is the Courtyard on Main mural. Prop up against the engaging butterfly wings and pose as a free spirit!

Honorable Mentions

While we have given you so many options to grab a photo, there are just a couple more that should be on your bucket list. Cathedral Caverns State Park is a stunning cave just outside Grant, Alabama. You will see one-of-a-kind formations while on your tour that will make you whip your camera out immediately. Everyone will WOW your pictures of the cave on Facebook when you post. But on your way to Cathedral Caverns is a breathtaking overlook in Grant that overlooks the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains. It is perfect at sunset and sunrise depending on what type of person you are. But that is not the only overlook that you should be capturing with your camera. Buck’s Pocket State Park has the Jim Lynn Overlook that offers views of the valley in which the rest of the park sits in. Once again, people will be giving you all the WOWs and HEARTs on your photos from this magnificent place.