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Kicking Off Summer ‘23 At Sand Mountain Park

Hi, my name is Drew Aultman. In the fall I will be a senior at the University of Alabama, but I am currently spending the summer in Grant with my family. I want to tell you about the great time I had at a recent concert.

Scrolling on Facebook one day, I saw that the Sand Mountain Amphitheater was hosting T.I. and Waka Flocka Flame. What?! I was so surprised that these big names were coming to perform virtually in my backyard. Even more, the concert was happening the very same evening that I came across the news. So, I rushed to text my high school friends who are also home for the summer. After hearing that the event was almost sold out (with more than 4,000 people attending), my friends and I spontaneously decided to still show up and try to buy tickets at the gate. Immediately on arriving, we were impressed with the venue. The music was loud, the lights were going wild, and the screens were big. Surprisingly, the parking situation was easy. The buildings were clean and sleekly designed and all the technology inside the venue seemed quality. There were many staff on board that night who were all helpful and easy-going. Since my group and I arrived late, we were hoping to get discounted ticket prices. That didn’t happen—oh well! Like I said, it was a very busy event, but it never felt too crowded or annoying. The lines for the restrooms, for food, and other vendors were still not too long because they were spaced out well. 

I wasn’t too familiar with Sand Mountain Park before this summer (this was my first time visiting). But I am a huge fan now! The Park has plenty of sports fields/courts and great-looking facilities. Even a small waterpark with an intriguing lazy river! Also, I’ve recently picked up tennis and their tennis club there is a very impressive thing with a fancy summer camp vibe. So from now on, I am most definitely going to keep tabs on the artists and groups coming to the Amphitheater, and also take advantage of the Park as a whole.

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