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Five Ways to Stay Warm this Winter When You Explore Lake Guntersville

You may think that the Lake Guntersville area is not a winter destination, but it most certainly is. Being located in North Alabama, we typically have more of a mild winter. But there is definitely some days where the temperature stays low and you have to bring an extra layer out. Regardless, we have plenty of activities that will keep you warm and toasty when you visit our area in the colder months.

Cathedral Caverns

No surprise here that our favorite cave stays around 60 degrees year round making it perfect for any time of the year. Cathedral Caverns State Park boasts true beauty that will leave you speechless as you discover these natural formations that have taken thousands of years to form. Tours will take you deep into the cave as you learn about how the cave was found and bought for just a couple of hundred dollars many moons ago. We aren’t going to spill all of its secrets though. Guided tours are offered daily, and reservations are highly recommended. Click here to learn more.

Drink at BOBS

As they say, alcohol warms your blood up. So make sure to venture out and discover this unique speakeasy located in Downtown Albertville. Busted Oak Bourbon Society offers a laid back atmosphere that will set you back in time of the prohibition days. The earthy tones and low lighting make sure you are cozy for a delicious drink or two. Some of their signature drinks include a smoked old fashioned that is sure to leave you satisfied. They even have a cigar lounge with a wide array of cigars to choose from.


Our area has several museums that offer wonderful information about how Lake Guntersville came to be and the formation of each of Marshall County’s cities including Albertville, Arab and Boaz. They are each filled with unique artifacts donated through time. You can learn more about each of them through this link here.

Sit by the Fire

Lake Guntersville State Park’s lodge is a great place to stay warm while you are here. You may be staying in one of their lodge rooms, but you should head into the lobby to sit by their huge fire place. Grab a book and lounge in their chairs to stay cozy. During the weekends, you can head into the Pinecrest Dining Room to enjoy dinner. Learn more here.

Movie Night

Albertville’s Lucas Cinemas is the perfect way to stay warm while you are here. They play all of the latest blockbuster movies that have come out in time. They have the most comfortable, heated recliners, so you can get extra comfy and cozy watching your movie. Grab a popcorn and a coke before you head in though!