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Alabama Birding

Celebrate the Year of Alabama Birding at Lake Guntersville

The Alabama Tourism Department dedicated 2023 the ‘Year of Alabama Birding’ and we definitely have the birds! From eagles to cranes to ducks and a ton more in between. There are plenty of reasons why to visit Lake Guntersville during the Year of Alabama Birding.

Bald Eagle’s Home

If you want to see the USA’s national bird, then you can definitely find them here. During the colder months, bald eagles return to their nests here at Lake Guntersville to settle in and mate for the season. You can see nests scattered around the lake including on Sunset Drive and near the Guntersville Dam. Every January and February, Lake Guntersville State Park hosts Eagle Awareness Weekends. People come far and wide to learn all about the stunning species, and to see them up close and personal. To learn more on Eagle Awareness Weekends, click here.

Alabama Birding Trail Stops

We are home to not one, not two but seven stops on the Alabama Birding Trail. And they each give you great opportunities to see native birds to North Alabama. The Alabama Birding Trails highlight the best public locations for watching birds year-round. Alabama’s Birding Trails has 280 sites covering our great state. The local stops are located all around the lake and is perfect to accomplish in a weekend while you check out other popular attractions around our area. You can find all of the stops within Marshall County with the link here.

Tons of Bird Species

You might not know that Lake Guntersville is home to more than just bald eagles, herons and ducks. There is a wide array of species you can find when birdwatching. In the winter, you can be on the look out for white pelicans that are migrating during the season. Several types of woodpeckers including the red-bellied can be heard pecking in wooded areas. And grab binoculars to see the tinier of birds like wood thrushes, Tufted Titmice and Carolina chickadees.

Want to see these stunning birds in person? Check out our accommodations to book your trip to #explorelakeguntersville.