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hiking lake guntersville

Four Hiking Hot Spots Around Lake Guntersville

Marshall County is home to nearly 70 miles of hiking trails. There are breathtaking views and wildlife that will catch your eye on all of these trails. Each trail will make you want to keep exploring all of the amazing outdoors surrounding Lake Guntersville.

The winter in this area provides for great hiking. Weather is usually mildly warm with the occasional cold snaps. So, you will want to make sure you pack accordingly. Each trail is maintained for hiker’s convenience, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost or any of those pesky poisonous plants either.

Lake Guntersville State Park
The state park has 31 miles of hiking and biking trails for those who are interested. The trails are as short as a quarter of a mile to as long as nearly four miles. On your hike, you will see some of your favorite wildlife creatures like squirrels and chipmunks. But you are definitely sure to see deer and if you look up above, you will see some stunning and breathtaking bald eagles. Once you finish up hiking, head to the lodge to warm up by the fire and take a look at the stunning views from their decks.

Guntersville Dam
A lot of visitors seem to not know that TVA has created nearly 17 miles of hiking trails around the Guntersville Dam. This area has picnic tables to enjoy some sandwiches after your treks. You can also sit and watch the mesmerizing water rush through the gates of the dam. Bald eagles’ nests are common on top of powerline structures in the winter, so you are guaranteed to see some soaring wings during your trip.

Cathedral Caverns State Park
There may not be many hiking trails at Cathedral Caverns, but they are worth strolling through. Each trail is named after a color and are marked by such. These trails are great to hike while you are waiting for your time slot for the cave tour. If it is a chillier day, the cave tour will warm you right up after a hike. The temperature stays at a warm 58 degrees year-round inside the cave.

Bucks Pocket State Park
The views are worth the drive for Bucks Pocket! The scenic overlook shows three states: Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. But that view isn’t the only thing great about this park. The scenic hiking trails make for terrific photo-ops. The South Sauty Creek Trail houses two waterfalls that only flow well in the winter making it the perfect reason to go check it out in the cold season. Bucks Pocket also just opened a new ORV trail, so if you have an ATV bring it to ride too!

If you’re looking for a walk around the lake, check out the walking trail along Sunset Drive in Guntersville. This paved trail follows a 4 mile stretch of Lake Guntersville and gives stunning views of sunsets.